Tinder is really famous and interesting application with more than 50 million users across the globe. Tinder is a location-based application which finds the people according to your interest in the same region as you are. You can find and then chat with the people you people like on Tinder gold apk.Download Tinder gold apk mod Fully Working

If you want to find the best match for you then you should try tinder apk. it is the best dating app till now.

Tinder can help you to find the close friends of your interest. It is a classic application which creates an environment where you can find your soul mate easily. With this Tinder gold apk mod, every single can find the perfect match. After finding the attractive men/women on this platform you can date with them. This tinder mod apk enables you to do unlimited chat and likes.

With more than 20 billion matches to date, tinder is the hottest dating application. If you want to meet the new people near you or you are a traveler and wants to meet the new people each day then you are in the right place. Download Tinder gold apk mod and satisfy your want.

You can find unlimited matches and can discover your best friend or love after getting this tinder gold mod apk. This app can be download from the link given below and it has the amazing features listed below.

Tinder gold apk mod 2018 Features

  • Unlimited swipes
  • Unlimited likes
  • Free
  • Tinder Gold Features
  • and much more

In a digital era, meeting a potential lover is highly possible. Application for dating is scattered on the internet, they are ready to improve people-dating ability and providing a chance to find a mate. One of the biggest dating sites is Tinder. It has been known to be one of dating site most people use. For Android user, the site is now accessible through Tinder latest APK 10.6.0. The application has specially built to run on Android operating system, making it easier to browse through million singles and find one that matches interest. Developed by Tinder Inc as part of the dating site itself, this application is very convenient.

The first impression is the last impression so keep your profile picture attractive. If you have a good and attractive profile picture there is an 80% chance of getting a beautiful gf or bf. list your dreamy and best date so that the girls of same interest can swipe right for you. Tinder gold apk mod can be download from the below link it has the same features as Tinder premium apk so enjoy.

This application is built on Android template that can run in the background, so it will not close even though the phone is opening other applications. There are some useful features embedded in this application:


Swipe is the primary feature Tinder for Android where a user can swipe through the potential mate and find one that matches criteria. The user can swipe right to like the profile of the possible matches or swipe left to continue searching.

Facebook and Instagram Integration

Creating a profile is easy by using the Facebook login provided. When opening the application, there is an option to log in and create the profile using Facebook profile. This way, a user does not need to create the new profile. The application can also be integrated into the Instagram profile that lets people see the user’s Instagram feed.

Common Connections

Common connection works as a gateway to find a potential which is also a mutual as they befriend your friend as well. By connecting the app to user’s social media, it will show which one is also befriended the user’s friend. People find it easier to go on a date with a person whom his or her friends also know about. It is also to prevent risky and dangerous people. The feature is available on the Android by clicking the icon with multiple people icon.

Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus is the premium version, for younger people it costs about 9,99$ and for seniors it costs 19,99$. By using Tinder Plus, a user can use Rewind feature, a feature that lets user gives second chance to potential mate, Boost to promote user’s profile, and Passport feature to let user browses through potential from various countries. The subscription will be billed to your carrier billing or credit card bill by using the app in purchase features.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to Use by Facebook profile integration


  • No safety guarantee
  • Tinder Plus is too expensive

How to Use

Install the application and open it once it is done. The user will be prompted to the login page that shows Facebook logo. Connect it to Facebook and customize your profile. There are three main bars of the application: Your Profile, Swap, and Chat features. Click on the logo to go to the chosen menu.


  • Bug fixes

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